Frequently Asked Questions

Is any upfront payment needed?

No, apart from normal rent payments.

We are a couple, can we live together?

Yes, we can provide a double room.

Who is eligible for Respite at Auscare Villages

Anybody older than 18 who does not have a history of anti-social behaviour.

What is the food like at Auscare Villages and what does it cost

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and coffee are included in your rent. Most residents love the food, and say it is fantastic, and if there is something you would like just ask. We'll do our best to please. We also cater for special diets such as diabetic, gluten free, vegetarian and more.

Can I come and go anytime?

Yes, but you must always let us know for your own safety.

Are there any extra costs

Yes, personal toiletries, some bus trips and some extra services may have a moderate but fair extra charge.